Thursday, July 29, 2010

KC ollies

I have a ton of photos of KC doing ollies. Heres a few.

KC clears everything and glides into the bank. We found a shitty piece of wood and set it up down the ivy gap.  Brett slammed so hard on this gap. He clipped the top of the wood with his back truck and dove straight to the ground on his shoulder. It was pretty brutal. I thought he broke his arm or his collar bone for sure, especially after the way he was rolling on the ground moaning in pain. I think his leather jacket saved him.
Any one who has skated this driveway gap at Stanford, or seen someone skate it, knows the only way it can be done is by charging it as fast as possible. Thats what KC does best.
This one of the coolest gaps at Stanford. A semi-narrow ledge run-up, to a long gap that clears a rail and some steps. when you look at this gap in person, its mind blowing how rad it looks. Its a perfect gap for skateboarding. If it wasn't so huge I would try it. KC handles it. 

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