Saturday, August 14, 2010


A true ripper, Rehole skates with skilled  reckless abandon. He can bust every trick in the book, on the shittiest board, wearing basketball sneakers from Goodwill. He always has a swellbow, if not two. Every time he skates he does two things; hurts himself, and learns a new trick. Whether he's blasting fat flyouts or getting tech on a red curb, Reholes skating is undeniably sick.

Rehon is his real nickname, but it has morphed into may others. Rehole, Sprayhole, Reknob, or just plain Hole would do. It used to be, if you went to Rehons house and knocked on the door, if the door didn't fly open immediatley, Rehon was at De Anza Park. If he didn't answer you had two choices. Wait for Grams to answer the door and tell you what you already knew plus possibly talk your ear off, or doorbell ditch his Grandma. Most of the time i waited.

"Uh is Ryan home" I'd say

"Rehon went to the park" Grams would reply.

His 84 year old grandma actually called him by his nickname, which I though was so weird. Rehole wasn't always at the park though. It was just easiest for him to yell "I'm going to the park!" before he slamed the door.
 Rehole does a Tre Flip down into the ring at De Anza Park.

There was a time when De Anza park was being skated by dozens of heads every day, including Rehole. Those days are gone. But legend has it, that on warm afternoons, when you are waiting your turn to do slash grinds at the local skate park, a lone skater can be found at De Anza Park doing long switch front crooked grinds...It's Julian Quevedo.

At De Anza there was a stage that had a metal edge. The stage had a metal coped block at each end that was a little bit higher making for some serious tech combo possibilities. In the last two shots of the image above Rehole hits the pillar flat from which requires some good pop.
Rehole basically lived at the park. He was always there, though a lot of times he'd be found chillin with a crowd of weirdos at the benches behind the trees. 

A lot of chillin went down in reholes driveway. The neighbors hated us. The cops hated Rehon.

It was a free for all for while. people were storing broken cars there and I had all my ramps there from my parents house after they moved away.

Backtail at San Ramon Skate Park. This ledge is huge and brutal.

Rehole is good at kickflips. The way I met Rehon was I was waiting for a call back to a page at the pay-phone at De Anza. I saw this dude do a kick-flip down the steps, and was immediatly stoked. I shouted over to him to do another one which he did easily. I high-fived him, and we've been friends ever since. Rehon is pretty easy to make friends with.
At one point rehon had a mop that was forming into some accidental dreadlocks. I was a hanous 
Twilight indy during Rehons helmet days. He cracked his skull hanging up on a rock'n'roll at the old Rengstorff Park. After drooling on himself in the ER for hours upon hours, Rehole spent two weeks in the hospital having seisures. He used to wear a helmet no matter what for several years after that. 
Indy over the old derby gap.

Rehole used to rule at Flyouts. He could do stylish nosebones and method gabs. He could 360 frontside and backside. He could do all the grabs. 

Melon over two cans stacked with room to spare.

Rehon can bust killer nose picks too.

This gate is now locked, but Rehon took advantage of it while it was open and threaded the needle.
Mad snaps.

Rehon busts his goto trick over a street hip. This spot is gone now. Once he busted a  Tre-bomb at 8 a.m. over a four stair with a sidewalk gap into an icy landing. We were on a snowboarding trip and had woken up at 5 a.m. when we finally got out of the car at Supermaket in Tahoe City, there was a sweet gap that had snow on it. I couldn't ollie it. Rehole Tre-bombed it in two tries.

Check out the shoes he was wearing. He rocked what ever was free for a bit, and he didn't always get skate shoes, but he could still kill it no matter what.

Gap to Tailslide.

Two angles of a killer backside tail slide at Redwood City Skate Park. 

Frontside Air.


Rehole had another goto trick and that was the crooked grind. he could bust a crooks on anything. Any crappy chunky ledge, any skate spot that had a place to grind, Rehole could bust a crooks there. Rehole and I are the same age and when we were sixteen I saw him do a K-grind at Hubba Hideout. I didn't even own a camera yet or anything. He fuckin crushed a clean crooks in a couple of tries. I wish I had a camera on that day.

Frontside 180.

Backside Flip.


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