Saturday, September 18, 2010

FILE CABINET: Who remembers this pool...

If I skated this pool then everybody did. In fact I recall skating this pool everybody including a squad of lurkers, a BMXer, Ray Stevens, and Pete the OX...
...and of course Bob, Alex, and Brett were there too.
"Skate Everything" the shirt reads
4th of July 2009 a buddy invited us up to his friends house in the hills to watch fireworks. As we are heading there on a vaguely familiar route I'm thinking to myself that I've been on this road before. "Maksim plus six" my friend says to the security guard that was blocking the road. He checks his clip board and lets us pass, then heads over to shoo away other cars that weren't invited. We walk up the rest of the hill and round the corner. The mansion comes into view and I'm blown way. "I skated the fuckin pool at this house." I shout with childish glee. "That's great honey" my girlfriend replies walking ahead me toward the house.
This pool had the most epic rock cave with a carvable tranny. Now the shallow end has a tapered wading area that leads into the pool. It would make for killer high speed charges at the deep end.
Bob crashed
Rock cave carve...
..and another
Alex showed me this pool. Thanks Bro.
The coping on this pool was made of rocks. Pete the Ox 50-50ed it. Pure rawness. Brett gets some tile.
The house was a full on construction site with power. We borrowed some construction lights that were laying around and skated a night sesh.

Scoping out another pool. I don't know if anyone ever skated this but it was amazing just to stand in it.

If any of y'all have more photos of this pool that you want to share send them to

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