Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FEATURE STORIES: Eleven Sequences

Eleven Sequences complied over the years. I just recently dusted off my film body for my Box of Film Project and ended up shooting a few new sequences. That inspired me to dig out the rest of the past sequences I've shot. Hope you enjoy them.

This might be the first Sequence I ever shot besides a few tests. Travis Thornton Indys a double set.
James Eby is rad. this is from 2004 or 2005. nose grab 5-0 on the vert wall at Fair Oaks Park.
Travis his a wall ride at the San Rafael park.
KC myers tokes up a hippie jump.
I love the way Tyler Luht threads the needle after he ollies the bump.
This double hippie jump line by KC took some work to get. Landing a waist high hippie jump with enough speed and control to do another one a second later is not easy. 
Travis does a long boardslide. I rolled alongside him while shooting this sequence.
Another sequence where I was rolling and shooting. KC cracks a fat ollie over a post.
Dan Stempson learned Smith grind 180s on the day i shot this a few months ago. This sequence and the next two are part of the Box of Film Project where i will be shooting an entire shoe box full of old film to produce a body of images, possibly presented in a book.
Master of disaster Brett Kastner tucks and rolls. frame 5 is hilarious.
Travis Thornton innovates with a wallride to slappy on a red curb. Killer.

see these sequences animated here

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