Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Druids

Any band that admits they are heavily influenced by food (Coffee and Burritos) has my ear at least for a few moments. So I spent some time finding out about these guys and really liked what I found.

This punk trio has honesty about them that I can truly appreciate. The Druids current myspace page..

is self posted by the band members stating “If your hot and have a c*nt than we want you at our next show”. Truer words could not be spoken and I applaud them for saying it.

I was able to catch a couple of songs from the power trio at a local show last week. And while there were a few slightly out of tune Oh oh’s and Aw awes in classic punk style, the music was defiantly tight enough and in fact rocked. Al Pastor has some endurance and his fills though not flashy were fast, tight and in time unlike some other punk drummers I have seen recently.

The guitar and bass playing is good typical punk filled with towers of power chords. Nothing flashy, but good punk is what it is. So if you like the Ramons if you like the sex pistols and like your punk with honesty and bluntness check these guys out.

They also want us to know “They’re not Desperate” as they have self-posted.

Jay Filich

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