Tuesday, October 11, 2011

tim brauch memorial 2011 photos

I saw Hosoi skate and I'm stoked. After the pro heats all the spectators shuffled around to stretch or piss or whatever and I nabbed a spot along the rail at the deep end for the masters finals. Hosoi and Cab were blasting airs. Cab killed it so hard, and carved the bowl up with massive lines and long grinds and slides. Cab skates smoother than everyone. everyone...

 last hurrah for cunningham
 blood wizard was picketing the event
 this dude is so fucking rad. Charlie Blair. rides for Dog Town. hes the fucking man. the freshest, highest ollies in the bowl. like three four feet out in the shallow end. in the deep end, he drifted a stylish grabbed out stalefish to revert. it was amazing. here he frontside pivots to ollie in fakie.
 chris senn skated. with style. doin it for tim.
 Roger skates barefooted now
 roger used to ride sunnyvale a lot on his long, and short boards. he kills it on any length wheel base.
 back tail
 roger. bare foot invert revert
 sky siljeg frontside air
 jerry gurney

 this shits sick 

 this dude pulled a frontside rodeo, and then tried to do it frontside axel stall. it woulda been killer.

Charlie blair. look at that nose bone. fuck. i left that day stoked to learn of charlie blair. hes rad. no pads.
 jerry gurney frontside rock
 this dude killed it

 charlie blair on the tail end of an ally-oop ollie

 mason merlino. i kept shooting these two and three shot bursts that are little sequences. 

 C. blair frontside air
gurney smith
gurney invert

 This dudes methods were awesome. extension.

 this dude won the contest with smooth lines, big airs, a five forty, and some tech grinds.
 sky siljeg ripped. real long back smith grinds
 kilani david grinds

 kilani 540ed too
 Salba board slides in the masters finals
 mitch mendez made the finals

cab killed it

 cab with a backside air
 hosoi on the end of a layback
 hosoi airs
 matson, the defending champ shredded hard. duh
 invert revert

 matson nose grind

 kilani with a stalefish
smiling his way to the top the top of the podium. 

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