Thursday, April 5, 2012

park barge 4

Skidmark skate Mags Park Barge 4 went down about two weeks ago at the b-street hanger in sacramento. we got there early and barged on some kids birthday party. check out the photos and video. also get the new issue of Skidmark!

best trick contest went down on the big quarter pipe. Frank Faria starts it off with a smith grind.
backside sugarcane by aaron wical
Katherine Folsam got in the mix.
this dude killed it. nose grind
aaron wical. back smith
hendo pops out of a backside blunt slide.
arron wical. nollie back tail.
hendo knows judo.

Hendo collects his winnings.
 the second contest was on a bump to table. i dont know who won this contest, but i know blake kickflipped it.
 frontside flip
 Ariel Torres with a frontside bigspin.

 Sean Blueitt was there.
get hot! sean blueitt
 another shot of aarons sugarcane. photo by andrew quiroz
 andrew with a FSA
 Ariel torres 180 nose grind revert. photo: andrew quiroz
 brandon lipslides
 backside ollie by hendo
 another angle of the backside ollie


here is the footage i got. i missed the winning trick and about half the contest shooting stills. your gonna have to wait until the official edit from Ricky Flip comes out to see what really went down.

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