Thursday, December 13, 2012

poker run results

skidmark poker run 4 went down this last saturday. small beating rider Julian Puel took home the $500 first prize. Adam emery got $200 for second place, and Mitch Yoshikawa got third place. the five spots were; deanza park ledge, the wave, a grass gap, double sided red curb, and the rail at the skate park. thanks to all the sponsors and all the skaters for making it a good day.

 I was the judge at the grass gap and witnessed some good slams and saw lots of dudes fight hard to land their tricks.

 jesse landed his tricks while nobody was around then did them again when dudes with video cameras showed up. varial heel flip.

it was not an easy decision.

i only shot a few clips with my iphone. all this went down in just a few minutes.

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