Tuesday, July 9, 2013

solitaires orange bowl

Solitaire Skateboards hosted a rad event this weekend at Greer Park in Palo Alto. Bands played inside the skate park. the only band i remember is Crooked as Fuck. "How crooked are we?!...as fuck! How crooked are we...as fuck!" was the exchange between fan and band. each time the music stopped i didnt feel like skating anymore.

the whole park got a spiffy new coat of orange paint that turned our wheels yellow.
 jesse with a boneless one. photo: Ivan Gaal
 blackhorn Schwartz plants his hand to dodge the kooks. photo: Ivan Gaal
jesse was awarded an orange dipped Solitaire deck for his efforts in the best trick on the volcano contest. harry murphy declined. photo: Ivan Gaal
 Brodie is a twerp. photo: Ivan Gaal
backside boneless by ivan the terrible. photo: Ivan Gaal

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