Friday, April 1, 2011

Brett's picks.

here's a 5 song play list of some cold burnin' tunes. red curbs will be posting playlists for your listening enjoyment. Brett kastner starts us off with this list of five songs. only three of his songs were on, but the other two can be viewed via youtube.

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Ghost are a super catchy band from Sweden. The lead singer dresses like an undead pope and they make no attempt to hide the overtly satanic message blasted out through their infectious pop influenced hard rock and old school metal. Basically, they sound like an unholy alliance between king diamond, blue oyster cult, turbonegro, and the beach boys. You'll definitely be singing this one later!
I recently saw Primus and MIRV and that got me thinking of other bands one could possibly classify as "Funk Metal" - not sure if I like or agree with that genre classification but Faith No More's eclectic opus - Angel Dust definitely fit the 90's rock theme. Awesome track with a weirdly great Asian sounding melody.

Like Mastodon, Baroness are from Savannah, Georgia and like the dudes in Mastodon, they have a singer with an epic beard. I guess that makes this some beardo metal. Blue Record features 
some awesome cover art that's reminiscent of Pushead and painted by the lead singer. This band has a classic rock feel with some cool psychedelic leads. Blue Record actually sounds like a band playing together instead of a quantized pro-tools session.

Dark Castle are unique in that it's just two players - a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist who also happens to a woman - though you wouldn't guess it from the burly vocals . This dynamic duo play doom metal of the sabbath variety.

Amon Amarth are a one trick pony - fortunately that one trick happens to be some ass-kicking melodic death metal about vikings and Norse mythology. Just check out that dude on the cover - looks like he could fuck some shit up in the pit!

That's it for now. See ya in the pit!

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