Monday, April 4, 2011

photos from saturdays best trick contest.

here is a batch of photos from Saturdays vert wall best trick contest. All photos by Greg from Bloodshot Photoworks.

one of the first things Dan Stempson said to me on Saturday morning was "I pulled my groin." here he fight through the pain for a frontside air.
Daniel Boyer with a Rock'n Roll slider.
Daniel Boyer gets some on an ally-oop slide.
Screamin' back smith by Frank Faria
Rat Face was in the lead with this trick...
...then he one-upped himself with judo blunt to fakie.
Rat face with a frontside 50-50 yank in off the end of the vert wall.
Chris henderson blunts.... kickflip
for the win Chris Henderson took his slams and pushed himself to make his first bunt kickflip fakie on the vert wall.

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