Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BBq best trick video and photos

here is coverage of the best trick contest from the fishbanks BBQ. the decision was made to move the contest from the vert wall to the pyramid where a barrage of tricks went down. thanks to everyone who came to the event, it was a blast. thanks to all the sponsors; fayuca, disastr77, skidmark skate mag, vetrical smile, mekash, red curbs
i did a pretty crappy job of documenting the contest. i missed all of the top tricks except for one crappy photo of Nates winning kickflip. video at the bottom of the page.

 ratface rattled off a bunch of sick tricks right away. gap to 5.0, gap to krooks,
 nate linford
 ratface blasts a frontside 180 melon over the ledge in the middle.

 this is the kickflip he landed to win the contest. blaster to flat by Nate Linford. he snapped his own deck and made it riding somebody elses board.
 the judges extended the time for nates kickflip and for trevor conley try gap to nose blunt....
 ...but he took a slam.
  one last go... more slam. trevor can make this when he gets enough time.
 jose cervantes the man behind fayuca
stefan from fishbanks
this kid got second place by clearing the pyramid to backside tail slide down the ledge.

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