Thursday, June 2, 2011

brett's picks.

curb cuts - check em out if you like old school rock, punk, or metal.
If you like some other kind of music then you suck.

Just kidding other music is cool, too.

-Brett K.

1) pentagram 
forever my queen

2) Blitzkreig

metallica covered a lot of great music back in the day - this is the original by the band Blitzkrieg for which the song is named

Can't seem to find their self titled album anywhere for sale but if you can track it down, its well worth a listen.

3) Graveyard - I ain't fit to live here

delta scandinavian blues
get the led out with this modern take on a classic sound

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4) eater - outside view

first wave brit punk. simple. catchy.

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5) Shrinebuilder
Pyramid of the Moon
This was one of my favorite records last year. It has members of Neurosis, Melvins, Sleep, and St Vitus.
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