Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skated De Anza yesterday.

We had to bounce from the park because it was lame. We grabbed up Johnny McFlurry and ended up at De Anza skating the banks and ledges. Then we went to the elementary school across the street and tried some lines.

Monday, June 28, 2010

sac tap

Brett and I stopped by the park in Sacramento on our way to Tahoe. In case Ya'll didn't know Brett is the master of the backside salad grind. Here Brett charges a sweet one a shitty skatepark lump.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

damaged goods/ Scott's big day!

I've been digging through some old negatives and I found these two damaged negatives with rad images from sunnyvale on them. I did a horrible job processing the film and ruined some of the shots which is a bummer since it was a special day. Special why? Special because my buddy Scott Spurrier finally joined me at the skate park, knee pads and all. it was epic.

Steve Farrell back smiths the vert wall

Travis' new spot

travis shreds downhill... (click to enlarge)
backlip up and into the tranny... (click to enlarge)

Fair Oaks Skate Park is closed due to summer vacation. Actually its open but the hoards of kids have it lockdown. Anyway I met up with Travis there and he said he had a new spot. i couldn't wait to bounce out. he took me to a chill ditch in PA with an up hill ledge with a DYI crete tranny. Travis did some high speed carves farther up the ditch. It's a killer spot.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dan Stempson: stoke of the day

In case you didn't hear. Dan Stempson had his photo on the Thrasher website as the "Stoke of the Day." If you did hear about it, too bad. I'm telling you about it again, since for both of us it was our first photo in Thrasher and we are stoked. booya.

Travis found a spot

The other day i met up with Travis at greer. He said that on his bike ride over to the park he had found a new spot near by. After a healthy sesh of green bowls and flyouts we went to check it out. He ended up doing a gnarly tail drop off a pipe onto a rough steep bank. heres a few picks. Travis had to dive to save his board from going in the water, and on the couple that he pulled he had to barge through the harsh kink first, and then make a quick sharp right to keep from landing in the creek. it was killer.