Thursday, October 14, 2010

Travis Thornton makes photo graffiti

This is a first for both Travis and me. Our very first photo in the mag. Booya!
click read more to see the caption and the original photo submitted. 

No Sleep Till Richmond Part 2

Richmond Vert 10-13-2010-21 SQUARE

In part one of No Sleep Till Richmond, you saw Brad.  He busted so many tricks, I felt like you needed to see some of his best.

Here's part two.

No Sleep Till Richmond

Richmond Vert 10-13-2010-19

Vert. Tall Wall. U pipe. Call it what you will, this place is gnarly. When some buds confirmed they were heading up to Richmond to skate this monster, I hightailed it up to get down.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tim Brauch Memorial contest 2010

I didn't go because I was to depressed to move after the Niners shot off their other foot. Demetri went though. check out his blog.